1.Campus Environment

Yanfeng Elementary School area: 28,408 square meters (2.84 hectares)

General classrooms: 58

special classrooms: 21

offices: 3; activity center: 1

health center: 1


2.School history

Yanfeng Elementary School was originally a Japanese elementary school. Mr. Jian Jinjian, a member of Parliament, enthusiastically planned and classified Shanjiao and Hepingliangli as the school district of Yanfeng National School in september,1954. Mr. Lin Jinkuan, the first principal. Renamed Yanfeng National Primary School in 1966. Mr. Jian Jinjian feels that the sharp peaks of Caotun Huoyan Mountain are like a pen holder, which will gather aura and cultivate talents, so the school name is born for this. We hope school to extend its auspicious meaning.


3. The history of the school name.

1933,The establishment of the Japanese Ordinary Primary School.

1954,The establishment of Yanfeng National School. 1966,changed to Yanfeng National Primary.